Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles

I'm forever blowing bubbles!

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!

All children love bubbles.

There are so many ways to support development of speech, language and communication with them. Here are our top tips of the best ways to use them:

Turn Taking:

First you blow bubbles for the child to pop and then swap roles for them to blow bubbles for you to pop.

Encourage Requesting:

In children who are not yet talking hold up bubbles in one hand and another object in the other. Ask ‘which one?’ and hold each item up as you name it. Encourage your child to reach for or point to the bubbles; or encourage eye contact with you as a way to request more bubbles. Children who are beginning to vocalise and use words can request ‘more’ or name ‘bubbles’. Once they are using a single word, model back a 2 word phrase for them eg ‘more bubbles’ to encourage them to repeat this back to you.

Oro-motor Development:

Encourage the child to round their lips (show them how to do this) and blow the bubbles. You could also cut a wide straw to roughly 2 inches long and hold this in line with the bubble wand. Ask the child to blow through the straw – this way their lips will be rounded (around the straw). Breath control is also developed through this activity by using more force and control to blow the air through both the straw and the bubbles.

Speech sounds:

p, b and m are typically the first sounds to develop in children.

When blowing the bubbles practise the sounds on their own before saying the word – each time you pop a bubble say ‘p’. You will then get repetition of ‘p’ and can develop this to ‘pop!’. You can do the same with ‘b’ and turn this into ‘bubbles’.


Just play! Chase them, stamp on them, pop them with your nose. Doing this together develops joint attention and shared enjoyment through engaging with one another.

Have fun!
The Talking House - Games with Bubbles

The Talking House – Games with Bubbles