• Floortime


    Floortime This model facilitates the development of programmes and identifies unique development profiles for children experiencing developmental delay due to autism. The problem with most Autism interventions is distinguishing reliable evidence from anecdotal claims creates a minefield of information, making it near impossible for us either as parents or professionals to decipher what intervention is […]

  • Picture Exchange Communication

    Picture Exchange Communication PECS

    Picture Exchange Communication (PECS) Some individuals may be unable to communicate via speech. Others may use spoken utterances that listeners cannot understand because they are unintelligible. Still, others are unable to initiate communication because they do not understand that they have the power to “go first” in a communicative exchange (Autism Society, PECS), Picture Exchange Communication […]

  • Musical Talkers

    Musical Talkers

    Musical Talkers – This group has grown out of a love of music and of the effect music has on children with communication difficulties. It is a wonderful route for expression, aided by rhythm and melody, to produce a fun and motivating way in which to work on all communication skills. We love it! Below […]