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Diagnostic Assessments for Autism

Consultations for Diagnosis and Assessment

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with the Northern Clinical Psychology Service (NCPS) to provide a brand new and comprehensive Autism diagnostic assessment and profiling service.

  • Initial Diagnosis

    Getting an accurate and thorough diagnosis is crucial for identifying and addressing specific needs.

    A diagnostic assessment for Autism will typically cost in the region of £1000 (see here for our framework of costs). The main assessment takes place at our offices in Boston Spa but, depending on location, we may use an alternative place.

    The main part of the assessment includes a detailed face-to-face interview and a direct behavioural observation of the child in the clinic using the NICE recommended ADOS 2 assessment.

    The interview takes between two to three hours and is normally carried out with one or both parents, although where relevant it can be with someone else who is familiar with the child’s history and current circumstances. The child need not be present for the interview, but must be available for the direct behavioural observation. The observation of the child takes about one hour. It involves a short play session (for younger or non-verbal children), a conversation-based and combined play session for older and/or more verbal children and a conversation-based and activity session for young people and adults.

    Evaluating communication skills is an important part of the diagnostic process. Our speech and language therapists will also carry out a comprehensive speech and language assessment using a range of different assessment tools designed to profile different aspects of communication, including language comprehension, use of grammar and syntax, vocabulary, speech intelligibility, non-verbal communication and social interaction.

    Those able to undertake a short non-verbal test of general ability may be asked to complete this in clinic.

    Where possible an additional observation of the child in their educational setting (nursery, school, college etc.) will also be included as part of the assessment. Where this is not possible, and if parents wish it, we will ask teaching staff to complete a questionnaire to provide a short summary of the child’s behaviours and achievements in school.

    Once the assessments have been completed and we have all the information we need, we will provide a detailed, comprehensive report on the child or young person’s diagnosis, a description of their skills and areas for development together with recommendations, advice and resources.

  • Diagnostic Follow-up

    For many who have been assessed as having an Autism diagnosis, this is only the beginning of the journey. There will be uncertainties and questions about what the diagnosis means and what the future holds.

    The Talking House/NCPS can help. We can provide an extended support service for parents and therapy for children and young people.

    Many children with ASD have difficulties in school with learning and with social behaviour. We can help by providing holistic and practical advice and therapy in schools and colleges as well as training and support for teaching staff.

    Problems with anxiety and social emotional difficulties are all too often seen with children, particularly teenagers and young adults. We can provide comprehensive support and therapy (see NCPS for a list of services available).

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