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Top Tip:

Sing nursery rhymes with actions e.g. ‘wind the bobbin up’,’ twinkle twinkle’, ‘row row row the boat..’. Using actions alongside songs will help your child to coordinate and sequence action whilst singing at the same time, maintaining rhythm and intonation as well as improving breath control.

Top Tip:

Why not take advantage of sunny weather to try out some outdoor therapy activities: learn verbs by playing ball (throw, catch, roll, bounce etc.); develop vocabulary by finding different items in the garden and discussing them; use your senses to describe how things feel, smell, sound, look.. maybe not always taste!; develop their auditory processing by giving instructions on how to build a sandcastle, make mud pies or perfume!

Top Tip:

Have you tried Lego therapy? Place a barrier in-between you and your child. Build a tower or a simple construction without the child peeking; then give simple instructions so that he/she can try and build the same as you. Reveal and see if your constructions are the same! Take turns and facilitate by asking questions if needed. This is an incredibly effective way of developing the following skills: listening, turn-taking, learning vocabulary, auditory processing, giving and following instructions, sequencing information, spacial awareness, fine motor skills, theory of mind (what does the other person need to know to do the same as me?) … and it’s good fun too!

Top Tip:

Get messy!!! Exploring new things can inspire vocabulary development and language skills as well as focusing on early interaction and communication skills and… let’s face it, it’s fun!!

The Talking House - Top Tips

The Talking House – Top Tips

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