"Train, don't strain." - Arthur Lydiard

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Schools • Nurseries • Charities • Children’s Centres • Parents • Outside Agencies

Speech & Language Difficulties in the Classroom:

Working with speech and Language difficulties in the classroom –  This package was designed for a cluster of schools requiring further support into the theory and practice of working with speech and language difficulties effectively in the classroom.

The training covers ‘the pyramid of communication’ to provide information, activities and support for all areas of speech, language and communication including an overview of Autism. The training includes lots of practical activities in order to best support your learning and includes a resource pack specially designed for you to take away to support you in your everyday work with children.

Early Intervention:

Early intervention package – this package is delivered online and once your setting has signed up to it, you will have access to 6 weekly session plans and the resources needed, alongside access to our online forum in order for you to ask questions, discuss your findings/ideas with other schools carrying out the sessions and to gain support from professionals.

The package includes:

  • Theory Behind Speech
  • Language
  • Communication and Early Intervention
  • 6 Detailed Sessions
  • Picture Resources Required for the Sessions
  • Access to the Online Forum

Specific Training Requests:

We offer a service for settings to contact us with specific training requests. We will discuss your training needs, agree a time frame for the training to be delivered and design the training to suit your individual needs. This may be training for staff/parents/professionals or a package for staff to deliver in the setting under our guidance.

Autism Spectrum:

We are currently in the process of developing a training package to support individuals working with children on the Autism Spectrum.

New Training Packages:

We respond to feedback and interest in particular training and therefore have specific time periods during the year when new training packages are designed and developed… Sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss any announcements regarding our services and training. A simple sign up form can be found at the base of the webpage.

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