We launched our teletherapy service in April and it continues to be a successful approach to delivering assessments and ongoing therapy. The families and schools that we work with continue to choose our teletherapy service due to the benefits of shorter, more regular sessions without the need to travel. . Find out why in this blog.

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the delivery of speech and language therapy services via online video calls/conferencing. The therapist interacts with the individual through a live video call to carry out both assessments and therapy. The use of interactive games and activities enables the child to participate directly through screen sharing functions.  Find out more here. 

Why are clients finding teletherapy so useful?  

For some clients, sessions have been altered to be shorter and more frequent. For example, where a client may previously have travelled to our clinic for a 1-hour session, they are now accessing two or three sessions per week for 20-30 minutes. This has worked particularly well for younger children who find it difficult to concentrate for longer periods of time and for families who are unable to bring their child out of school. Through teletherapy they are able to access a ‘little and often’ approach directly with the therapist, therefore gaining regular practise and feedback on their targets. For parents, it has been useful to reduce travel time enabling them to access sessions more flexibly around their working hours. Some families have split sessions across home and school to ensure support and practise is carried out across environments.  

Joint interaction on games and activities is an important part of speech and language therapy and teletherapy enables us to do this in a different way. Our therapists create individualised games and activities to ensure sessions remain motivating and enjoyable for each child. The screen sharing function enables the child to move characters and picture cards, roll interactive dice and draw and colour pictures. Video clips and story books have also been a part of sessions. Both the therapist and child continue to see one another via the camera throughout the screen sharing process meaning that shared enjoyment is a huge part of the sessions as well as the therapist being able to monitor specific speech sounds or language used. 

See below for some of our teletherapy success stories (more coming soon).  

Success story 1: Caitlin

Caitlin is 4 years old and is currently working on both speech and language. Two 30-minute sessions per week are working really well for her by supporting both her attention and listening skills and by providing more regular input. Each session is split equally between speech and language work. This means she can practise both targets ‘little and often’.

Caitlin loves Peppa and Bing, therefore language resources have been individualised to focus around these characters. We’ve been getting creative with our speech sound games and all activities have been interactive. Caitlin is enjoying her sessions and making progress week on week! Here are some examples from our sessions: 

Success story 2: Lizzie

Lizzie is 10 years old and is one of our school clients that has been supported with her speech and language skills over the course of lockdown through weekly therapy sessions. These sessions have enabled key skills such as breath support, to be focused on within a structured way. They have provided a specific time within her week in which we have focused on building these skills and then she has been able to practice them at home with her parents. Weekly sessions have enabled regular and targeted practice to ensure that Lizzie has continued to make significant progress week on week.  

Teletherapy has also enabled us to think outside the box and practice skills in a more functional and fun way. Lizzie has even recorded her own vlog posts!  

Everyone who has seen Lizzie has commented on how much progress she has made within the relatively short period of lockdown. Don’t take our word for it, check out her vlogs! 

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