Christopher came to The Talking House for some support with his speech. Here’s our case study on how we helped him to master his ‘s’ sounds!


Christopher came to The Talking House for some support with his speech as he had difficulties with his ‘s’ and ‘sh’ sounds.
He was replacing the ‘s’ sound with a ‘f’ sound, so the word ‘sun’ was ‘fun.’ His ‘sh’ sound was a ‘s’, so the word ‘ship’ was ‘sip’.

This was affecting his speech and being able to be understood by others. At 9 years old this was starting to affect Christopher’s confidence.

How we helped Christopher:

An intensive block of therapy was provided where Christopher worked hard to change the way he produced the ‘s’ and ‘sh’ sounds.

His therapist used fun games and activities (such as snakes and ladders and ‘pairs’ game) to practice using the ‘s’ sound which he really enjoyed.

Christopher was also given ‘homework’ after each session to do with his mum and dad. For example, playing ‘Snap’, ‘Silly Soup’ game and Dominoes.

Outcomes for Christopher:

Christopher worked really hard during the sessions and at home with his homework. This helped him to achieve his target of the ‘s’ sound at the start of words within 3 sessions rather than the 4 sessions planned which was an amazing achievement!

Christopher is now much more confident, and his speech is now age appropriate.

In a thank you card to his therapist and The Talking House Christopher said:

“I have had a very fun time at The Talking House I wish I could come again. Thank you for helping me with my s’s!”.

Well done Christopher!

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