We have been linked to the primary school which Karsen joined in September 2014 when he was 5 years old. Karsen required specialist input to support his speech, language, and communication needs.


Karsen has a diagnosis of 16.p11.2 deletion which is a genetic condition. He presents with disordered speech which affects his overall intelligibility when conversing with others.

How we helped Karsen:

Karsen’s first communication method was Makaton Key Word Signing which supported his spoken messages. He also received specialist input using the Talk Tools Programme. This enabled development of his oro-motor skills in order to support the accuracy of his vowels, consonants, and sound sequencing.

We have supported Karsen using several methods to develop his communication skills:

  • Makaton key word signing – this was used by the SLT, home and Karsen to sign the main words but say the whole sentence, using natural gesture and facial expression and use of some finger spelling.
  • Talk Tools Programme – this was used to teach the placement of oral structures (lips, tongue, jaw) for producing speech or imitating speech sounds. This specific approach helped to develop Karsen’s speech skills by working with the sounds and other similar oral movements (e.g. tongue movements when sucking or blowing) which he could already produce and to gradually build on from there.
  • Speech sound drills using the Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme – this helped develop a complete inventory of speech sounds and was adapted in line with his speech sound progress.
  • Connected speech – in conversation, complex sentences, multi-syllabic words, and tasks which ranged in volume, intonation, and word stress.
  • Video play back for self-monitoring and correction.
  • Emotions 5 Point Scale – for regulating his own emotions using specific strategies which changed over time.
  • Barrier games for seeking specific clarification – these activities were linked to his interests and motivators including other key adults and peers to facilitate social interactions.
  • Other visual support – individual prompt sheets used in his school planner to support classroom strategies, generalization, organization, and independence.

We also supported Karsen’s transition to secondary school, this included creating an individualized communication passport and specific activities based on the Social Thinking Curriculum such as the size of the problem versus the size of the reaction. This has supported Karsen’s ability to understand that managing problems is part of our everyday life. Social skills are needed for problem-solving, decision making, self-management, and peer relations that allow us to maintain positive social relationships with others.

Karsen’s progress to date:

Karsen is getting ready to begin his new journey at Secondary School, he is now 11 years old.

Throughout his speech and language therapy journey he has continued to work extremely hard to reach his personal goals. With an intense level of direct speech and language therapy input alongside regular and consistent carry over from trained teaching staff, over the years, Karsen has achieved so much. His communication and overall confidence when interacting with others has significantly increased. Teaching staff and home have supported the generalization of Karsen’s speech sound development, by continuing with tasks and modelling specific sounds and techniques in both 1:1 situations, and in every day to day conversations; this has aided his development and SLT success.

The right level of SLT support, determination, and hard work, has brought Karsen great success. We are so proud of how far Karsen has come. Karsen explains how he will keep in touch with us all at The Talking House Ltd Team. We wish you all the best for your new and exciting chapter ahead.

Karsen’s words:

Karsen says:

“I wanted to talk but the words would not come out even though they were in my head. The Talking House helped me learn to get them out.”

Kimberley, Karsen’s mum says:

“I taught Karsen Makaton sign but I had no idea how I would help him learn to talk, The Talking House have been consistent in the work with Karsen, also showing me as his mum and teachers in his class how to help him. I spent years wishing for Karsen to talk, now I can’t thank The Talking House enough.”

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