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'Early Years' Screening Service

At The Talking House we are passionate about the importance of early identification of children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

We strongly believe that early screening, intervention and support is key- and the research says it is too! Early screening and identification of your pupils with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) can help them to achieve their potential throughout the early years and beyond.

We can help

More children are entering school with significantly reduced vocabulary and other language difficulties. Not only does this impact upon the overall development of their speech and language skills, but also affects their ability to:

  • Access the broader curriculum
  • Develop age-appropriate literacy skills
  • Initiate and maintain positive social relationships
  • Be confident communicators

Early screening is crucial as it helps to identify:

  • Children who need a little bit of extra help with their speech and language development
  • Children who have more significant and persistent SLCN, who may need further assessment and support from Speech & Language Therapy

Implementing early screening and recognising those children who need support contributes towards eradicating some of the effects of speech, language and communication difficulties. It can also help to close the ability gap between children with SLCN and their peers, allowing them to be free to learn and become the best version of themselves. It also enables children with more persistent SLCN (on average, 2-3 in every classroom) to be recognised earlier, allowing the correct support to be identified and implemented. This enables children to achieve their potential, both academically and socially. ​

The introduction and implementation of Early Years screening and intervention is a key step in helping children achieve a Good Level of Development (GLD). We can guide and help you through this process.

How we do this

If you would like to raise the overall standard of speech, language and communication across your Early Years, then we can help by:

  • Identifying an appropriate screening tool to suit your requirements
  • Providing training and modelling of the screening tool for key staff so that they can become more confident and independent in carrying out and scoring the screener
  • Analysing the results of your screener in order to provide ‘easy-to-digest’ results which can be presented to school staff and Governing Body. Some of our schools have also presented the ‘before-and-after’ intervention comparison results to OFSTED, with extremely positive feedback
  • Recognising the trends and specific areas of SCLN within cohorts

After we have analysed the screening tool results and recognised the areas for intervention, we provide further support by:

  • Identifying pupils needing onward referral to Speech and Language Therapy and/or other services, and those which should be closely monitored
  • Providing tailored interventions to suit the needs of the pupils as identified. For example, we may need to focus on understanding and use of vocabulary and/or developing narrative and story-telling skills
  • Training key members of staff in how to carry out the interventions
  • Providing ongoing monitoring, mentoring and support in relation to both the implementation of the screening tool and the interventions
  • Supporting key staff with the measuring, recording and reviewing of pupil’s progress
  • Advising on general classroom-based strategies which can enhance ‘Quality First Teaching’ and help everyone to support the SLCN needs of the pupils
  • Enabling the next ‘cycle’ of screeners – this part is crucial in measuring the progress of the pupils

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