Sometimes your Speech and Language Therapist may recommend that your child follows a therapy ‘programme’ alongside or after their current block of intervention.  

A programme is a set of specially targeted activities and exercises for you and/or school staff to follow. It can be a good way to support your child if they need extra practice or encouragement to practise the skills they have learnt in a different way. A programme can help your child to be able to use the skills learnt in therapy at school and/or home and with a range of different people.  

If a programme is recommended for your child, your therapist will go through it with you, and/or the school staff involved. The aims of the programme and each activity will be explained stepbystep, and your therapist will provide any help you need to feel confident in following the advice.  

You can call us at any time for help, but a review date will be arranged in order to check on how things are going and to adjust and/or update the advice as required.  

Some children respond better to this indirect approach than they do to onetoone sessions. Your therapist will advise you if this is going to be the best way forward for your child.