Our office is based in Wetherby (Grange Park), near Leeds. We are lucky to have lovely, spacious therapy rooms and a beautiful outdoor area, which means (weather permitting!), we can even do our therapy outside.   

We can do therapy anywhere – at home, school, nursery, college, at our office, even online via ‘teletherapy’.  

Your therapist will discuss with you the most appropriate place for your child to be seen- this can change depending on the next steps of their therapy plan. 

We provide a service across Yorkshire – including all areas of Leeds, as well as Harrogate, York, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Hull and Bradford. As we have recently launched our teletherapy service, we can now provide support to families within a much wider geographical area. 

We are more than happy to chat through any questions you may have and to discuss whether we can provide speech and language therapy for your child. Please get in touch with us– we would love to hear from you!