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Meet Rachel

Here, Rachel talks about what motivated her to become a Speech and Language Therapist, her experience, her training and qualifications, and areas of Speech and Language Therapy that she is particularly passionate about.

Why did you want to become a Speech and Language Therapist?​

My main reason in qualifying and practicing as an SLT has simply been to help make a difference. I am passionate about supporting children, young people and families to make communication as easy as possible. Communication is vital in everyday life. I feel that we can sometimes take this for granted and under-estimate the skills we need and use to interact with others effectively. Communication is the foundation of relationships and is essential in play, learning and socialising across all our key life stages.

What kind of experience do you have?

I have worked in many areas of SLT, including community clinics, nurseries, schools, specialist provisions and specific language resource bases. I have also worked with individuals at all ages and stages, through pre-school, primary school, secondary and college years. I am particularly experienced in the following areas: speech, language and communication needs, English as an Additional Language (EAL), Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and Adult Learning Disability (ALD). ​

In my work with families, I have carried out complex assessments and specific blocks of therapy to support individual needs. This has been primarily with children who have DLD. However, I have also worked with little ones who have ASC and speech sound difficulties. I love every aspect of my job and I am extremely lucky to be part of the amazing Talking House SLT Team.

What are you particularly passionate about?​

I specialise in the extensive area of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). I support many students who experience language difficulties in everyday life. I help teachers and families identify the early signs of DLD, providing the right level of support and treatment through individual therapy. I love every step in this journey, and what is most important to me is that the child, young person or adult has a voice which can be heard. My primary goal is to be an enabler along the journey to meet the individual’s goals and aspirations. ​

What are your hobbies and interesting facts about you?​

I have many hobbies which I enjoy over the weekend and holidays. I love to be outside and enjoy keeping fit, through running and walking. I also spend my time with family and friends – which you just can’t beat. I look forward to exploring new places and enjoy travelling to soak up the sun, culture and trying new foods. Interesting fact about me: I am one of 5, I have 4 beautiful sisters and love them to bits. We certainly had a fun and busy childhood which I’ll always be grateful for.


  • Speech and Language Therapy, BSc (2.1), Birmingham City University


  • Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy (RCSLT):​ RC0031340

  • Health and Care Professions in the UK (HCPC): SL29849

Postgraduate Training:

  • DLD Research Priorities – Thought Leadership (RCSLT)

  • Challenging Behaviour Conference (Educational Psychology, Bexley ALD)

  • SmiLE Therapy (Karin Schamroth)

  • EHCP Workshop (London Borough of Bexley)

  • Functional Language In the Classroom (Maggie Johnson)

  • Makaton Training, Foundation Course (Makaton Tutor, Kirsty Byrne)

  • ELKLAN 5-11s (Henrietta McLachlan )

  • Social Thinking (Michelle Garcia Winner)

  • London SLT Placement Partnership, Working with Students (University College)

  • Derbyshire Language Scheme (Bromley Healthcare Tutor)

  • Caroline Bowen, Sound Reasoning, Therapy and Techniques (Caroline Bowen)

  • Intensive Interaction Training (David Hewett)

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