This festival ‘challenge lite’ activity pack guides teenagers through 3 fun activities where they get to plan their own festival!

For this challenge, we have created 3 activities with supporting videos aimed at helping to develop a range of speech, language and communication skills:

  • Making a flower crown
  • Festival barrier game
  • Festival advert

This pack is aimed at teenagers who are working on the following skills:

  • Enhancing vocabulary knowledge and use
  • Social communication skills
  • Verbal reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • Following and understanding spoken and written information
  • Expressive language skills

The activities in this pack can be differentiated to support the needs of all teenagers. It also includes guidance for adults on creating opportunities to practise specific communication skills whilst supporting confidence and self-esteem.

The festival ‘challenge lite’ activities described above are provided as a digital download. We also offer a ‘premium’ festival challenge pack which also includes the following projects:

  • Festival Invitation
  • Festival ‘Top Tips’ Information Leaflet
  • Festival Game
  • Festival Snack

To take a look at the premium version of our festival pack, please click here for the printed version and here for the digital download version.