Our therapists have been busy working with our families and schools so that we can continue to support them during social distancing measures and are coming up with lots of creative ways to ensure that speech and language therapy can continue. Here’s an update on Rachel’s recent session.

Teletherapy is here!

We’ve been working closely with families and schools to come up with creative ways to continue to provide speech and language support to children during the current Coronavirus situation and social distancing measures. As well as providing resources, activity kits, parent and teacher training we have also been providing ‘Teletherapy’ sessions so that direct interventions can continue! These have worked really well – with some clients actually prefering them to their ‘normal’ sessions in clinic!

What is ‘Teletherapy’?

‘Teletherapy’ is speech and language therapy delivered via a video web call. Some of you may have heard of ‘teletherapy’ and might be wondering whether it is going to be a way forward for you and your child, especially when they are not able to have face to face sessions with their SLT. In fact, research has found that SLT delivered remotely through video link can be as effective, and in some cases more effective than face to face therapy.

Benefits of Teletherapy:

Here are a few reasons why it can be so beneficial:
 Teletherapy sessions are much shorter and more focused than face to face, so for children with a short attention span, these tend to work better.
It also means, we can deliver therapy ‘little and often’ rather than in one big session.
For those children who are uncomfortable with face to face sessions and work better at home, teletherapy can reduce some of the anxiety, hence making the learning easier.
Some children really prefer working via the ‘TV’!
 There are obvious benefits in terms of convenience – distance is not an issue and we can offer sessions to suit you.
These sessions also mean that other family members and siblings can also be part of your child’s therapy.

Working on conversational skills with one of our families

Rachel and E’s family practiced their conversational skills and story-telling. E’s younger sister was keen to get involved with her toy dinosaur and E was very excited, and shouted ‘’Rachel you’re on the television’’!

With the planned resources, joint communication and video feedback this worked a treat and they look forward to their next session for continued story-telling! 

Working on speech sounds with one of our schools

Karsen is seen fortnightly in school by our SLT Rachel to practice his speech sounds and develop his overall intelligibility. Karsen was more than happy to set up a video call for his session today and he enjoyed the continuity of his speech sound drills with Rachel. Karsen worked on his ‘word stress’ when asking questions and giving his narrative, generating ideas to make a story. Today’s story included a banana moon, a magic wand, a frying pan, and a wolf shadow!!

We’re here and ready to help!

If your child needs help with their speech, language or communication or you’re a school that would like to discuss how we could help by providing an SLT service – we’d love to here from you!

Get in touch to hear how we can help

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