Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is the term used to diagnose individuals when they fail to acquire their own language for no obvious reason. 2 children in every classroom of 30 will experience DLD which is severe enough to hinder academic progress. When provided with high quality support and understanding, an individual with DLD can achieve social, academic, and professional success.

Our online workshop includes key information: the facts, signs, and impacts, including some general strategies. It also includes a workbook to complete to consolidate learning. The aim of this workshop is to raise awareness of DLD. This will be beneficial for teaching staff who work closely with individuals who have DLD, to understand more about their individual needs.

This pack has been developed by Rachel, one of our Speech and Language Therapists.

We hope that you enjoy the workshop.

The Workbook

Start by downloading the workbook here.

You will need to complete this workbook alongside the workshop and submit it to your school’s Speech and Language Therapist.

You will receive an email from your school’s Speech and Language Therapist which will detail the deadline for submitting your completed workbook. Please submit by replying to their email with the completed workbook attached.​

The Workshop

You can now go through our workshop pack in the slides below. Please make sure you have sound on. This is self-directed and should take 1hr 30 minutes- 2hrs to listen to and complete the specific activities.

We have created demo videos to support key parts of the workshop. When you see a symbol, click it to watch the video! You can also find them all at the bottom of the page.

If you need any help, please contact your school’s Speech and Language Therapist via email. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

How did you find this training course?

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Check out the demo videos!

If you’re having trouble accessing the demo videos, you can find them all here.