Social Thinking focuses on helping individuals figure out how to think in social situations. The strategies included in this workshop help to teach individuals how to observe and think about their own and others’ thoughts and feelings. This will give pupils opportunities to develop their social thinking with targeted support from you.

A reminder: this workshop doesn’t include the whole Social Thinking curriculum. It covers only key areas which The Talking House team has found useful in practice for achieving positive outcomes in individuals’ social thinking abilities.

It is advised that the workshop is completed in 6-8 weeks, depending on your school’s time allocation. Please get in touch with The Talking House if you have any specific questions or require further support to complete this course.

We hope that you enjoy the training.

The Workbook

Start by downloading the ‘What to Expect’ document here.

You should also download the workbook here.

We recommend that you complete one activity per week, as you go through the training course. Please submit your weekly activities to your Speech and Language Therapist.

The Training

You can now go through our training pack in the slides below.

We have created demo videos to support key parts of the training. When you see a symbol, click it to watch the video! You can also find them all at the bottom of the page.

If you need help or assistance, please contact us at The Talking House via email or phone (01937 843122). If our therapists work within your school, then please contact your school therapist. If we don’t provide a regular therapy service to your school, then please contact the therapist who you have been in contact with in relation to the training. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

How did you find this training course?

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Check out the demo videos!

If you’re having trouble accessing the demo videos, you can find them all here.