This is a comprehensive guide to administering and scoring The Progression Tool for children aged 4 years. All six areas of the screening tool are covered with examples of responses, as well as practical hints and tips to support with scoring and deciding on the most appropriate next steps for each child who has completed the screener.

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The Workbook

Start by downloading the workbook here.

You will need to complete this workbook alongside the training course and submit it to your school’s Speech and Language Therapist.

You will receive an email from your school’s Speech and Language Therapist which will detail the deadline for submitting your completed workbook. Please submit by replying to their email with the completed workbook attached.​

The Training

You can now go through our training pack in the slides below.

The  symbol indicates that there is a workbook activity to complete.

If you need help or assistance, please contact us at The Talking House via email or phone (01937 843122). If our therapists work within your school, then please contact your school therapist. If we don’t provide a regular therapy service to your school, then please contact the therapist who you have been in contact with in relation to the training. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

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