We’re regularly asked to write Social Stories for children and young people to support with situations at home and school. We often need to go back for more information to the people who know the child best. So, we have put together some advice for writing and using Social Stories for when a Speech and Language Therapist is not available for help.

This pack is based on the work of Carol Gray and has been developed by Laura T and Laura N (Senior Speech and Language Therapists at The Talking House) who have a combined experience of almost 20 years working with children to develop their speech, language and communication.

We hope that you enjoy the training.

Part 1: The training pack

Please start by going through our training pack in the video below. Slides are auto timed to 10 seconds – but you can pause, rewind etc as you need to!

Part 2: It’s your turn to have a go…

As you’re working through the video (or when you’ve watched it all) you will need to complete the workbook:

SR44 Social Stories training pack for SILCS (workbook)

Please make sure you have worked through the training pack before completing this workbook. ​

Please download a copy so that you can work on this. ​Where possible, please try to complete the tasks within the workbook. However, if you’re working from your mobile/tablet and can’t type in the document – then you can just put your answers in an email to your school’s SLT.

You will receive an email from your school’s SLT which will detail the deadline for submitting your completed workbook. Please submit by replying to their email with the attachment when the workbook is completed.​

If you need any help, please send your questions/queries to your school’s SLT via email.


Our training team are also going to create an ‘FAQ’ video where they go through questions that have been submitted and also go through some good examples from workbook submissions (names won’t be mentioned). If you have a question that you would like to submit for the FAQ video – please submit it at the link below: