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We provide high-quality specialised online and face-to-face training for parents, teachers and other professionals.

We offer a wide range of courses to suit teachers, teaching assistants and early years practitioners working within mainstream and specialist settings supporting children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). In addition to our ‘ready-to-go’ training packages, we create bespoke training for education settings and parents.

All our training courses are developed and delivered by our highly experienced and knowledgeable Speech and Language Therapists. All training is informed by the evidence base, uses interactive teaching methods and includes applicable practical strategies.

Online Training Packages

We are very proud of our Online Training programmes. We are adding new ones all the time. You can see all our currently available training sessions here.

Here’s how it works:

If you’re interested in purchasing any courses, please contact us.

Once you’ve bought a course, you can log in to your account and access your training course by clicking on the relevant button below.

We hope you find them both enjoyable and informative!

“I have learned such a lot over these 5 units. Not having early years experience I found all the ‘give examples in provision’ aspects challenging, but that was the point in me doing the training. I have already used some of my new knowledge in my interactions with parents of SEND children. Staff have already brought things to my attention that they have noticed as a result of the training. I know that this training will be hugely beneficial as I move forward as SENCO. Particular thanks to Melissa for her supportive feedback each week. ”

Early Years online training feedback June 2020

SENCO, Leeds based mainstream primary school

“It has been really useful! So glad I got to do it and thanks for your in-depth feedback as well. I found all of the videos really useful as they’ve shown strategies, different examples using children around each module (not just written case studies), really appropriate information and in-depth where needed. I’ve learned a lot and I feel a lot more confident being in charge of S&L at school. I feel I could pass on some really useful information to our TAs in EYFS.”

Early Years online training feedback July 2020

Danielle Burkinshaw (Reception Teacher and Speech and Language Champion), Walton Primary School

“Very informative and relevant. So important to have a better understanding and ways to support pupils in school and at home. Really great to hear parents’ perspective.”

DLD training feedback October 2019

Jen Darnell (SENCo), Castleton Primary School

“Just completed the “Play for language” training in my “rainbow room”, my hub of lockdown learning and creativity! The therapists have done a great job of putting this training together, am finding it very interesting.”

Early Years online training course (Play for Language session), May 2020

Deborah Bate, Whingate Primary School

“The differentiated examples of social stories demonstrated how to model the language appropriately for pupils working at different levels. Prompt, clear and constructive feedback after completion of workbook.”

‘Colourful Semantics’ -Supporting Pupils using the Approach training, May 2020

Becki Fahy, West SILC

“I have enjoyed the course. I REALLY like how this part focuses on Phase 1 Phonics (Letters and Sounds) as I feel this is a really important part of the phonics scheme and unfortunately is skipped over by many settings as they try to get children to recognise letters and put them together before securing the foundations.”

Early Years ‘Speech Sounds’ online training, June 2020

Ellen Dickinson, Richmond Hill

“Advice and feedback was great…I really enjoyed it! It was very good and informative.”

‘Colourful Semantics’ -Supporting Pupils using the Approach training, May 2020

Laura Atkinson, West SILC

“Excellent training! It was so informative – looking forward to any further training.”

DLD training feedback October 2019

Lindsey Brennan, Parent

“I found that it’s given me really sound knowledge of AAC and how I can use this in class to prompt and increase communication.

It’s helpful having feedback for every section so I can see where to make any improvements/adjustments. I’ll keep hold of this and use it as a guide and refresher’”

‘Supporting AAC Users training, May 2020

Kam Bahia, Specialist SEN College

“I found this course very useful for my work at the specialist SEN College I am based.  Much of the framework was new to me. Core & fringe words; communicative functions; modelling; were all things which I’d implicitly used but had not previously recognised as such.  I found the course content well explained and, for me, at the right depth of challenge.”

‘Supporting AAC Users’ training, May 2020

Neil Taylor, Specialist SEN College

In-person Training

Many of our courses can be presented to an audience of one to fifty! We are very fortunate to have a fantastic training facility at our offices at Grange Park, where we have easy access to a wealth of resources and can accommodate groups of up to twelve people.

Training sessions can also be run in schools, nurseries or colleges, or to individual families where appropriate.

We offer a comprehensive range of training programmes, covering areas such as:

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)
  • Communication Friendly Schools
  • Early years
  • Full range of ELKLAN accredited courses
  • Speaking and listening
  • Speech Sound Disorders
  • Vocabulary development
  • Social skills and interaction

We can also run bespoke training programmes on request.

We have recently developed an online system of training, which allows you to study at your own pace or as part of an interactive module.

Several of our Speech and Language Therapists are licensed ELKLAN tutors which enables us to offer ELKLAN’s accredited courses.

If you would like more information on the training packages we offer or you have a specific training requirement, please get in touch with us.

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